Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentine's cake

With hardly any spare minute the only arty-crafty thing I can do is a bit of cooking. This chocolate fudge cake was baked and decorated for the Valentine's food comp on Natoora.
When my husband saw it, I said: Don't get any ideas, Professor, it's not that I am that enamoured of you, lol, it's for a competition.
A pity they picked some strange looking concoction of chocolate mousse with lavender. Lavender is an acquired taste. I bought a box of lavender Earl Grey a couple of years ago, had one cup, and two years later the box with posh muslin bags is still collecting dust in the kitchen. Can't throw it, and can't drink either, and nobody wanted it.
My icing writing might have been wobbly thanks to help from Eddie who was sitting in a high chair next to me and tried to grab my hands and icing pens, but the cake tasted good.

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