Monday, 21 February 2011

Teething with Nuby

Now that Eddie sprouted two bottom front teeth, he wants to try them on anything and everything. He is very proud of his teeth and loves playing with teething toys.
I was delighted when Nuby sent us some lovely toys to test. When I unpacked the big envelope, Eddie immediately grabbed a Wiggle Worm teether.

1. Teether Tugz Toy Elephant and Wiggle Worm Teether

My own personal favourite toy is a Teether Tugz Elephant (am I allowed to have a favourite?!). It has an extra-cuteness factor. Big ears are good for munching and chewing, as each ear has a little teething pad with textures that give comfort for sore gums. This toy is also available in two other varieties - a butterfly and a rabbit. We have a butterfly, this was the first Nuby toy I bought for Eddie, and it has been chewed and dribbled on so many times that it might be called a teething war veteran. You can wipe it after each use.

Eddie loves his Wiggle Worm Teether. It is very cute and has multiple textured surfaces. Little nubs massage baby's gums, and it is very handy to hold. All the rings twist and turn and offer different nubs.

2. Flip Flop Teether Book and Icy Bite Teether

Flip Flop Teether book is an interactive book, very bright annd colourful, as you can see. The flaps offer different textures and make crinkle-crinkle sounds, which amuse baby and stimulate his senses. I remember reading a review of the Flip Flap book on one of Mummy blogs, where the reviewer was slightly critical of the poetic side of the book. Well, yes, it is not Shakespeare, but it is age-appropriate, and I don't think my 7-months-old Eddie would appreciate the finer points of stanza or meter. He is happy with rhymes that accompany bright images.

Icy Bite Teether is another innovative toy. Three keys come in different colours and are dual surfaced. Teething Nubs massage and stimulate baby's gums. When your baby's gums are particularly sore, you might try putting the keys in the fridge for cooling (obviously away from any food to prevent contamination). Then a cooled set of keys works as a soother. They don't stay cold for long though. Icy Bite Teether contains nontoxic purICE Gel, which helps the toy to stay colder longer than water filled soothers.

3. Eddie plays with his Nuby toys

4. A happy boy

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