Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Happiness is... a Lindt chocolate bunny

Yesterday little man Eddie and I went shopping for the Easter chocolate supplies. For gifts and for our own pleasure. The choice of the Easter chocolate is impressive, and as much as we are tempted by artisan eggs, the classic chocolate bunnies from Lindt will always hold a special place in our hearts.
These bunnies are cute, come in different sizes and are a perfect Easter treat. In fact, Easter wouldn't be Easter without one or two (or ten plus) Lindt chocolate bunnies. Don't you love their smoothy creaminess that melts in your mouth? And who said, it's only for children?! I have noticed my husband sneakily biting the chocolate treat that Eddie has trustingly left on the table, half-eaten.

Choices, choices...Needless to say we got bunnies of different sizes - just to make an academic comparison, you know. Test based research. We got some carrots as well. And a couple of boxes of Lindt truffles.

"Yummy in my tummy!", as Eddie likes to say.
Last Sunday we entered a competition in the local supermarket to win a gigantic plush Lindt bunny. Alas, we didn't win. I kept my fingers crossed, as I would have given the big bunny to the local charity Guideposts, which works with the special needs children, and from which my family has benefited, as our older son Sasha enjoys having days out with the Guidposts, when they provide the holiday playdays.

P.S. Nothing to disclose, nobody asked me to write about the chocolate bunnies. All chocolate has been paid for by us.


  1. Eddie is adorable! My son loves chocolate and loves to steal it from us :) x