Friday, 19 November 2010

Everyone needs a Cuski (yet another sleepless night's creation)

Being a baby
No easy task.
One of life's comforts
Is my snuggly Cuski.
"Don't go away, Mum,
You don't need the loo"
"I'll be back in a minute!" -
And she leaves the room.
I'm feeling abandoned,
Thanks for asking.
My chin is quivering,
I'm chewing my Cuski.
My soothing comforter
I twisted and twirled.
With my soft Cuski
I'll brave the world.
Someone call Social Services,
She's been gone forever.
Don't let her use the loo.
She's back, my mother,
And she thinks she's funny
"Whatta brave little boy,
A courageous bunny".
For you it's three minutes,
For me an eternity,
Cuski and I -
Function as a fraternity.

Eddie has a selection of comforters, and he chomps on them with enthusiasm.
I think a comforter like Cuski is a great invention, it is soft, soothing and ever so comforting. Sometimes when I am feeling blue, I feel I need a Cuski too.


  1. Thank you Galina & Eddie! Your poem is lovely, as are your comments on Cuski! We hope Cuski continues to comfort Eddie for a long time to come :-)
    Cuski Team x

  2. Brilliant.

    lol @ Social Services lol


    isnt that 3 minute break just wonderful though lol

  3. lol @ Jo's comment - even if it is to go to the loo!

  4. awww sometimes I feel like I need a cuski!