Wednesday, 24 September 2014

WWE Stackdown Starter Set High Flyin' Sin Cara

My younger son Eddie loves to play with construction toys, he would happily build and rebuild them and re-enact all kinds of action, using mini-figures. It amuses me to hear him talking in different voices, representing different characters. When he saw WWE Stackdown Starter Set High Flyin' Sin Cara, he was absolutely thrilled.

I had no clue who Sin Cara was supposed to be, but suspected it could be some superstar. Wikipedia has enlightened me that Sin Cara is a professional wrestling gimmick used by World Wrestling Entertainment.
If you are as clueless as me, then let me tell you that Sin Cara means "without face" or "faceless" in Spanish. Sin Cara wears a lucha-style mask which completely covers his face.

High Flyin Sin Cara is one of four new construction toys at Flair. This 92 piece set is for age group 6+. My older son was in charge of building the set, while Eddie was helping to sort the mini bricks. The set includes a Kofi Kingston figure with "multiple points of articulation" which in plain English means his joints are flexible.
The mini-figure has several ball joints, so that his arms and legs move at elbows and knees, shoulders and hips. His head is also flexible, so with all that extra movement, you can set your Sin Cara in all kind of poses. Sin Cara wears a removable white bathrobe (is it a bathrobe or jacket?).

All the Stackdown sets are compatible with each other as well as with all major construction brands (read Lego).

What did we think of the set?
Comparisons with Lego are inevitable.
- it will appeal to both WWE and construction toys fans;
- you don't have to be a big fan of WWE to appreciate the toy. In fact, though we are all quite ignorant when it comes to wrestling, my son enjoyed playing with the set, especially launching the platform to make Sin Cara jump through the ring.
- reasonable price (a similar Lego toy would cost more than £9.99)
- the catapult is working well, so you can launch your mini-figure flying through the ring
- it is compatible with Lego and other construction set brands
- the set comes with easy to understand instructions

- we found that some of the bricks are too stiff and don't slot easily into each other. My guys needed my help a couple of times, and even I struggled with some smaller bricks as they just didn't want to fit in.

To find more information about Sin Cara and other WWE Stackdown starter sets, visit Flair.

Disclosure: I received High Flyin' Sin Cara for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.


  1. My son is mad about wrestling. I did wonder about getting him one of these when he was younger but was never sure. It does look good fun though

    1. Eddie now wants the remaining three toys in the range, lol