Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My cake recipe is in print

It all started over a year ago, if not longer than that, when the DK was running a competition to create a recipe using Fairtrade products. I have forgotten all about it, when some time in spring I got a letter from DK, saying that they decided not to publish the Fairtrade recipes book but would like to include my Honey cake recipe into a new Everyday easy Cakes & Cupcakes book and asked my permission to publish my recipe. Of course, I agreed. They sent me a fab food encyclopaedia as a Thank you, and finally my recipe was printed this October in a lovely book full of delicious cake recipes. Sadly my name is not mentioned but hey I am not that ambitious. I know I can cook like Nigella, when I have time (though lately after giving birth to our baby Eddie I discovered a world of ready-made meals, LOL).
I am very happy with a layout and the photo. :)

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