Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Set

Watching my little man playing with his toys often makes me smile, as he is so engrossed in his pretend play, he is changing his voice, acting for different characters. Fireman Sam is a much-loved TV character, and my son Eddie is a huge fan of the hero of Pontypandy. We have several DVDs and books from the series, and there is always Youtube with both the original series which ended in 1994 and the later series which was relaunched in 2005 to the joy of its many fans. When we were offered a Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue playset for reviewing, I knew Eddie would be absolutely thrilled.

He couldn't wait to start playing with it. In the last couple of weeks he has been playing with it for many happy hours.

Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Set consists of an Ocean Rescue playset, Juno jet ski and Fireman Sam rescue figure. According to Eddie, it is perfect, the only thing it is missing is a figure of Norman (mind you, Norman is not included in the set, but for some reason my little man is convinced he needs Norman as well).
We made a trip to the local toy shop, they didn't have Norman, but we couldn't go home empty-handed, so we got another Sam with Penny.

This toy is aimed at children aged 3+. My son is 4, and he is the right age group, as he enjoys all the possible action which the toy provides, for example, you can raise and lower a lift using the lever.
Press the lamp to activate light and siren (after a while I wished the batteries have run out, as the siren is quite annoying loud, though of course, little people love it.

What's more? You can raise and release the fireman's pole, making Sam go down.
And of course, there is a button to launch the jet ski. The button works well.
Our only mild concern is that Sam never stays inside his jet ski, whenever it is launched. He keeps falling out.
That doesn't put off my son, he giggles and says now he has to rescue Sam.

This toy is great for make-believe role playing, it literally fires your kid's imagination.

This set will make an excellent gift for any Fireman Sam fan, either for birthday or Christmas.

Disclosure: we received the ocean rescue set for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are mine.

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