Tuesday, 11 June 2013

NaturePaint giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

 You might have seen the recent  report released by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists on 5th June titled Chemical Exposures During Pregnancy which advises pregnant women to "avoid paint fumes" in order to minimise risks to their unborn child. I know there was an indignant outcry among some media pundits that the state is infantilising women as it gives too much advice about what to do and what to avoid during the pregnancy. And while I am not an advocate of a nanny state, avoiding any hazardous materials makes a total sense to me.
Even when I was not pregnant, I had a fumes' poisoning years ago, when I stayed in the office when they were repainting the windows. It started with a headache and ended with sickness. Not a laughing matter.
And if there is an alternative to toxic paints, why not give it a try.
I have recently reviewed NaturePaint (read my post Eco-friendly with NaturePaint to see how we decorated the bedroom and painted the Elmer mural), and my little man's bedroom looks great.
NaturePaint is formulated as a patented dry powder and is made from only natural and non-toxic ingredients, giving off no harmful fumes at all.  It is the only paint produced in the UK certified to be completely free of harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and is completely safe for pregnant women to use. 
Since many paint companies choose not to disclose what is in their product, it is difficult for consumers to understand the potential risks.  Unlike other paint companies, NaturePaint is happy to disclose all of its ingredients and consumers can check for themselves at NaturePaint site.
Using NaturePaint to decorate a home, including children's rooms, is the simple way to follow the sound advice from the Royal College.

Available in 63 colours for just £19.95 for the equivalent of 2.5 litres from www.naturepaint.com.  Also available from John Lewis, House of Fraser and B&Q.

NaturePaint have kindly offered a prize for one of my lucky blog readers - 2 kilos of paint in the colour of the winner's choice.

If you would like to win this prize, please fill in the Rafflecopter form.
Only the first step is mandatory: all you need is answer the question by leaving a comment.

The question: which NaturePaint colour would you choose if you are a winner? Please have a look at the range at NaturePaint. You don't have to decide now, you can change you mind later.

All the other steps are optional, you don't have to do them all. All it takes to win is just one entry.
Only one entry per person is allowed (however, you can tweet daily and do a bonus click entry daily as well to increase your chances).
The giveaway is open to the UK residents only.
Once the Rafflcopter picks the winner, I will check if the winner has done what was requested. I will contact the winner, if they do not reply within a week, the prize will be allocated to another person.
The giveaway will close on 3 July 2013 at midnight (at the start of 3rd).
Good luck!

Thank you to all entrants!
The rafflecopter has picked the winner: see the name below.
Big well done, Jayne! Please let me know which colour you want to choose.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Replies
    1. I would have mine from the REDS I think, will hold my breath to see if I win, and then I will choose.

  2. I would choose QUILLWORT @kikicomp

  3. I would chose white actually

  4. I would choose the white

  5. By the wind sailor! Love that name :)

  6. white....claire gray

  7. love the greens

  8. I would choose Furze

  9. I would choose Sunfish. I inherited my grandmother's vintage Kenwood mixer, which has blue trim and I am gradually changing my kitchen decor over to blues. This would be ideal!

  10. Blenny would look lovely on my living room wall

  11. Camellia would be lovely to decorate our nursery in. We don't know our babies gender and I think that colour will be perfect :)

  12. I would choose Sundew

    TracyJo (@tjsi1963)

  13. Speedwell and Furze look lovely :-)

  14. Quite liking the cowslip...

  15. Gorgeous range, Stonechat. But I'll probably change my mind.

  16. Id probably say the Stitchwort, nice and neutral but still a warm shade :)

  17. I like cuttlefish - plus the colours have really cool names!

  18. I would choose campion - as it looks a lovely colour - would be ideal in my bedroom

  19. trevor linvell2 July 2013 at 13:24

    I would go with white

  20. kea plum x

  21. I would choose cornish heath

  22. Nancy Bradford2 July 2013 at 21:16

    I'd choose cuttlefish.