Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Smiley Shark and the Great Big Hiccup!

Picture books are a great fun! Eddie and I love sitting on the bed or on the garden bench and sharing a story, especially when there are lots of colourful illustrations. It is such a fantastic bonding experience. I have already mentioned that Eddie and I have been chosen to join the Little Tiger Panel. Smiley Shark and the Great Big Hiccup! is our second book to review as panel members. 

This bright cheerful story is written and illustrated by Ruth Galloway. If you are a parent of preschoolers, you might have come across Smiley Shark already. This book is a sequel to the best-selling Smiley Shark story.

What is this story about?
One day the fish couldn't find their friend Smiley Shark anywhere. Finally they manage to spot him but he has the biggest hiccups ever!
If you ever had hiccups, you would nod your head reading the book, as you have probably tried the same methods to get rid of the hiccups. The fish make Smiley Shark do cartwheels, tickle him, ask him to hold his breath. Will these methods help?

The pictures below make me smile, as this is exactly what I do when I have hiccups- I hold my breath for as long as I can, and No, it doesn't work for me either.

Eddie loved this story, he giggles when I imitate the hic-hic-hiccup sound and repeats after me. We both enjoy that there are several characters, so we can read the story, using different voices and be as silly as we can be hiccuping and hooting with laughter at ourselves. A perfect book for play-acting. And it is educational as well, you learn the names of the sea creatures (angelfish, pufferfish etc).

We also enjoy discussing the book after we finished reading the story, I ask Eddie what's the story about, what has happened. We read this book quite a few number of times, and now Eddie can sit and "read" the story to me, i.e. tell me what is happening on each page in his own words.

When a friend came the other day to visit us and suddenly got hiccups, Eddie told me that Jen had the hiccups just like Smiley Shark and suggested we should scare her.

If you love reading to your children, you will have a good time following the story of Smiley Shark's hiccup adventures.

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