Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cheeky monkey at the seaside

I think my little man Eddie and Curious George are twins, or at least brothers-in-arms when it comes to mischief and adventure. Eddie has the same curiosity about the world and the same determination. If he sets his mind on doing something, it's not easy to dissuade him. He was in his element by the seaside, exploring the rock pools, running along the beach catch-me-if-you-can-style, building the sandcastles and eating the ice cream.
This photo of Eddie with a scoop net, whooping with pleasure, always makes me smile, as I remember that lovely day on the beach in Cornwall last summer. It was his birthday, he just turned two that day. We are going to visit the same place again this summer, and I do hope we'll be able to catch a bit of sunshine too.

I'm entering this photo in the Tots100/Curious George competition.

And also adding my post to lovely Verily Victoria Vocalises blog linky #PoCoLo.


  1. love this post honey, i think the video is so so cute! and he cant half shift for someone with little legs! x

  2. Thank you, Jaime! He was certainly very fast for a 2-year-old. Now is even faster.

  3. How gorgeous is he? I love that he has run off to the sea without a care in the world. Exactly how beach holidays should be :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo and good luck with the competition x

  4. Cute video, I remember when my little boy was that small, time goes far too fast. x

  5. Thank you ladies! That's the best bit, running on the beach without a care.