Thursday, 18 April 2013

Live to Pin: what would you do with a million of Nectar points?

Pinterest: you can get so absorbed in pinning that you forget about the time. I've been pinning for the last hour or so and completely forgot that I had potatoes cooking in the pan. Well, now I have coals for dinner.
What kept me glued to my laptop?
A Pinterest competition, of course.
The other day I read about the Win up to 60,000 Nectar points competition (link removed as expired) on The competition invited the pinners to create a board on how they would spend a million Nectar points.    Some of the's choices made me chuckle:
- 3 nights in a top New York hotel (Nah, not really, you need more than 3 days for NYC)
- 21 bottles of champagne (that's already better)
- 545 packets of Jammie Dodgers (I had to laugh as that's probably what my guys would want to spend the points on, Jammie Dodgers, Oreos and Rowntree's Randoms).

So, what would be my top choices? I think I could spend a fortune on the Virgin Experience Days (swap 10,000 points for a £50 voucher).
As a great history lover and foodie, I'd be spoilt for choice. How about a Medieval Banquet? Something I always fancied taking part in, especially if it involves the dressing up part.
A visit to Hampton Court and an afternoon tea would be my cuppa tea as well.
Traditional afternoon tea in Ruthin Castle is my idea of a paradise on earth.

Culinary days out, yet another tempting experience. A cupcakes and cocktails workshop sounds fantastic. A chocolate making workshop for one is even better. And though I'm a wimp when it comes to chillies, a chilli tasting experience is such a novelty idea, that I'd be sorely tempted to try it.

My boys would love a trip to Legoland. Sasha visited it a few times in the past. Eddie has never been there (if you discount the time when he was still inside my belly). The same with the London Zoo, a perfect place to visit with children, and again, Sasha loved it, and Eddie hasn't had a chance to see it yet. And how about a big family garden pool (that is if the weather is more clement than the last year's).

The Eurostar could whisk us for a day of sightseeing in Paris. EasyJet could take us to Italy for Christmas to spend the holidays with the grandparents. After our last trip to Italy at Easter, Eddie keeps asking when we are going on the airplane again, he just loved it (can't say I share his enthusiasm, as I hate flying).
Western style horse-riding adventure would make a fab gift for my husband.
I kept browsing all the possible ways of spending my "fortune", and now my dinner is ruined. A sandwich it is for me.

You can find my full board A Million Nectar Points on Pinterest.

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