Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Quick dinners with Discovery

Cooking lavish dinners for your family is wonderful when you have time and energy, but sometimes we all need a little help at mealtimes.  Mexican Discovery Fajita Kits come very handy when you want a quick lunch or dinner with a minimum of effort. Fajitas are a perfect dish for sharing, they are full of flavours, colours and textures.

The Perfect Fajita Kit Mexican BBQ includes a pack of plain flour tortillas, a sachet of the mild Mexican BBQ Seasoning and some soured cream. In a matter of minutes you can cook the delicious fajitas which are not too hot and come with a BBQ twist. You just need to add the pieces of chicken (or beef), peppers, salad and tomatoes. The tortillas are soft and taste lovely.

The Perfect Fajita Kit Crispy Crumb comes in a box which contains 8 flour tortillas, soured cream topping and a crispy crumb coating. You need to add chicken breasts, 1 lettuce and tomatoes.

The crispy coating is very easy to use. What you get is a kind of homemade chicken nuggets (where you know exactly what meat goes in them, not some obscure bits and bobs of fat and gristle). The coating is crispy after cooking, exactly as promised on the packet. The flavours are milder than with the previous fajita kit. I think this kit has a great appeal to children and adults who are not very keen on hot food. The tortillas are soft and work perfectly as a receptacle for the coated chicken with salad and whatever else you might like to add. Our fajitas had chopped avocado and a bit of fresh tomato salsa.

My only reservation regarding both Discovery fajita kits is the soured cream. I understand the nature of these kits, they are meant to have a longer shelf life. Not sure if it's the modified maize starch added to the soured cream which makes it taste like it is made of the powdered substance. Personally I would use a tub of fresh soured cream any time this ingredient is required, as you cannot beat the fresh taste.

All in One Steak Fajitas (recipe courtesy of Discovery)
450g steak, cut into thin strips
2 tbsp oil
1 sachet Discovery Fajita SeasoningMix
1 Onion, sliced
1 green and 1 red pepper, sliced

to serve
8 Discovery Soft Flour Tortillas
Discovery salsa
Discovery Soured cream
Guacamole style topping
Discovery Sliced Jalapenos
Discovery Jalapeno Relish

Coat steak in oil and Fajita seasoning mix. Heat a heavy based frying pan until very hot and add steak. Fry for about 2 minutes until well browned. Add onion and peppers and cook for a further 2 minutes or until the meat is just cooked. Serve with warm Tortillas, salsa, soured cream, guacamole and japalenos, roll up and enjoy.

My personal version was slightly different. I have added rocket leaves and fresh salsa to the beef cubes and pepper, as well as the fresh soured cream. Very easy & quick to make for a simple lunch or dinner.

My boys and I liked the idea of Discovery Tortizzas, i.e. using the tortillas as a mini-pizza base. As they are not very keen on tomatoey pizza, we skipped the tomato salsa and added the strips of the roasted pepper, green olives and cheese. A lovely snack that would surely appeal to kids who can make those simple tortizzas themselves with whatever toppings they fancy.

For more information on Discovery range and recipe suggestions please visit the Discovery website.

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