Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Having one non-verbal child made us aware that the gift of talking should never be taken for granted.
How many times have I seen parents ignoring their children who keep saying "Mummy, Mummy, look at this" and Mummy's completely uninterested in what her child has to show and say. It always makes me think "If only you knew that this is a true miracle - a talking child".

Now that Eddie is almost 32 months old, he is chatting away for both Sasha and himself. He talks non-stop and he has a lot to say.

He has his own opinions and he appreciates a conversation. There are moments when I look at him in awe and wonder: wow, my child can talk. But of course, that's what neuro typical children do.

There are so many little things that keep me utterly diverted and amused, when Eddie expresses his own opinions and invents his own words, which I call "Eddiesms".

Eddie with Mr Tickle

Eddie's drawing next to me. I asked him What are you drawing? He said: Dagga-Deckka-Yoo. So, I asked: What is Dagga-Deckka-Yoo? He pointed to his picture: This one. ;)"

Got a new top from Next for myself. Little man looked at it & said "Mama's pyjamas". Thank you, darling, that bad?

Playing hide and seek with Eddie: he is hiding behind me and says "I lost me".

Going up the hill, me pushing his pushchair up with him inside buckled in, Eddie says worriedly "Mama, don't drop the pushchair"

He is still struggling with his Rs and Ls and insists on some names and words pronounced his own way.
So, Winnie-the-Pooh is a Winty for some reason.
What about Percy the Peecup? Have you guessed who it is? It's Percy the park keeper.

Faff-feikes are snowflakes.
Ebeh-behs are vegetables.
Kim-bum-bah is a cucumber.

A few weeks ago I have been watching a bit of One Born Every Minute recorded from the previous day. Eddie watched with me for a few minutes, then commented: Big belly, so I replied: She has a baby in her belly. He thought for a while, when the other pregnant woman was on screen, he said: "She's eating babies."

Eddie goes around the rooms on the ground floor calling "Thomas! Thomas! Where's Thomas?" I asked him who Thomas is. He said: "I don't know. I'm looking for Thomas".

What are your little ones up to? Which amusing things have they said?

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