Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Paddington Bear's adventures app

Paddington Bear, an adorable book character, has been entertaining several generations of children. And he moves with the times, now 'Paddington Bear's Adventures' is available as an app which includes six games.
Five games have a choice of 3 difficulty levels to allow for all ages and for progressive play.
As my younger son Eddie is two and a half years old, we went for the easy level.

As you complete the tasks of each game, you collect various items of clothing for Paddington which later allows you to dress and share your very own digital Paddington Bear.

Go Sightseeing
If you choose to 'Go Sightseeing' your task will be to spot the differences on the iconic London places of interest like Nelson's Column, Buckingham Palace, St Paul's Cathedral and at other famous London attractions.
Even at the easy level, we had to look very attentively to spot the differences, but it was fun to do.

Making Marmalade
Which British pastime (after having a cuppa tea and talking about the weather) could possibly be  more iconic than 'Making Marmalade' - you mix ingredients to make Paddington Bear's favourite treat. Here you can see the beginning of the game where you need to add the citrus peel to the pan.

A new game - 'Tidying Up' - where we need to place items in Paddington's case correctly in order to close the case.
It might sound easy-peasy, but when you are 2 years old, you might be stuck, when you think you have added all the items to the suitcase but nothing is happening. Then, of course, Mama comes to  the rescue and rearranges the cans and jam jars in order.

Hey presto!
A result, and we get another hat to add to our collection of clothes.

In 'Helping Out' it is necessary to use your observation skills to place items in the correct place in Mr Gruber's antique shop. As you can see, we successfully helped Mr Gruber.

In 'Going Home' game you are able to play with the jigsaws which show Paddington Station, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace and other famous London places of interest.

Dressing Up
'Dressing Up' is the fun game where all the items of clothing you have collected by completing your tasks are stored. Eddie enjoyed changing Paddington's outfits, either matching a hat with a coat and boots, or going for an opposite effect and intentionally mismatching the clothes by putting a chef's hat to be worn with a policeman's coat and red boots.
Create your own digital Paddington Bear using the clothes you have collected on your adventures and put them in a scrapbook.

The game features classic Paddington Bear images. The style of graphics is quite old-fashioned (in a good sense) to reflect the timeless appeal of the book.

The game includes specially re-recorded music from the Paddington Bear TV series Theme originally composed by Herbert Chappell.

This is a lovely game for Paddington Bear's fans of all ages.

For more information about this new app please visit the itunes store.

P.S. We were offered a code for a free app.

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