Sunday, 2 December 2012

Du pain, du vin, du Boursin Sun-Ripened Tomato, Onion & Chive

 Apologies for the rather predictable title. I  am one of those people who can't resist saying "Du pain, du vin, du Boursin", when treating myself to a lovely chunk of bread with a soft crumby cheese generously spread on top. For all Boursin lovers there is a new indulgent flavour to enjoy - Boursin Sun-Ripened Tomato, Onion & Chive, a boost of Mediterranean flavours.


As with all the soft cheeses in the range, only the finest ingredients are used to create this new variety. You get the same signature creamy, crumbly soft cheese with an added flavour of the sun-ripened tomatoes as well as aromatic onions and chives. The flavours are very summery and evocative of the leisurely lunches under the hot Mediterranean sun. Close your eyes, have a bite and imagine yourself on holidays, dining al fresco. The tastes are rich and intense, very tomatoey.
This lovely crumbly cheese added flavours to the stuffed tomatoes, when mixed with rice and herbs.

I have also crumbled it on top of the sweet pepper, stuffed with rice and minced beef with herbs and tomatoes.

And on top of the grilled Portobello mushrooms.

It is lovely spread on the rye bread (try Borodinsky bread, Russian-style rye bread). The maltiness and coriander are enhanced by the Boursin. That is probably the most tasty combination (I tried a few different breads with Boursin, and Borodinsky won the battle).

It transforms a humble plain baked potato into a feast. Add a handful of olives or cornichons for a thoroughly satisfying lunch.

Boursin’s sun-ripened tomato, onion & chive flavour is available now in the speciality cheese section alongside the rest of the Boursin range, in most Tescos and Morrisons stores, at a price of £2.20 per 150g.