Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bakestone journey continues

Our taster journey continues, thanks to Bakestone. The February parcel was full of surprise breads with names that didn't sound familiar like Hoofers and Toothsomes.

What exactly is a hoofer, you might ask. And the answer is "A barmcake with attitude! Ideal for chip butties, yum!"

Chip butties didn't sound very appealing to me, so we haven't tried it. The bread itself was a bit too bland and too soft, but perhaps it is supposed to be like that. It went well as a sandwich with fillings like ham and cheese and mustard. Great for sandwiches, but I would have like a more robust flavour and texture.

Two long finger style rolls that are great for sandwiches or hot dogs. Toothsome literally means delicious or luscious!
Good idea for hot dogs with plenty of mustard. My toddler loved them, simply sliced and with a bit of butter and jam. Personally I like rolls a bit more crusty for sandwiches, but they were approved by all of my boys (husband and sons).

A long brown roll similar to a large finger roll. A longstanding favourite in Liverpool!
Great healthy rolls. Make perfect filled rolls, and taste good to serve with a soup. We tried them with butter too. Good quality, and oozing health. My toddler was less keen on them, but my husband and I enjoyed eating them.

Poppy Seed Nudger
A tasty and healthy choice for lunchboxes and big enough to satisfy healthy appetities!
I loved poppy seed buns as a child, and still do.
A tasty bun, we all loved it. I think more poppy seeds might make it even better. We tried it as it is and with butter. Lovely! My top choice from the selection.

Here is Eddie, munching on a poppy seed nudger and enjoying it.

Hot cross buns: once you open the plastic bag, the aroma of the hot cross buns is unmistakable. They were soft, moist and lush, very moreish, with a good blend of spices and sweet raisins - just how the hot cross buns should taste. We tried them as they are, sliced with a bit of butter, and also toasted with a thin layer of marmalade. Absolutely delightful.

I enjoyed trying new breads and flavours, and this was definitely a discovery parcel.

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