Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Vroom Vroom (Next Transport bedlinen set and Bus storage review)


Eddie loves to play with his little cars, trucks and trains. Boys will be boys, they love things on wheels. The Transport bedlinen set from Next is perfect for little boys, obsessed with transport of all kinds. It has a playful design with different colourful vehicles.
Eddie was quite thrilled with his new bedding.
The bedlinen set comes as a duvet cover and a pillowcase (a suggested sheet set comes in a starry design). You could also get matching curtains, car cushions and a rug. And decorate your child's room with the matching stickers.

Find me if you can...

The photo below is not Eddie's bedroom (I wish our child's bedroom was as immaculate, lol), I just wanted to show you the whole set available from Next.

Image credits: Next

When I was offered by Next to pick any item for reviewing, I was torn between a cupcake maker and the storage box. Our house often looks like there was a blast in the toy shop, the toys are scattered everywhere, as soon as they are picked up, they miraculously reappear on the floor and carpets. I needed some fun storage for Eddie, which would encourage him to pick up toys and place inside. The Bus storage seemed like an ideal solution to the problem.
The storage box was also an excellent match for the bedlinen set that I have just bought for Eddie.
It requires self-assembly and comes with a book of instructions, but it is quite easy to assemble. Just don't make a mistake and throw the polysterene foam packaging without removing a small bag that contains nuts and bolts. I did not see that it was attached to the side of the foam packaging, and was looking everywhere for nuts and bolts.
This storage box looks like a red double-decker bus, it is bright and cheerful.

Eddie and boxes is a special love story. He cannot pass a box without trying to climb inside. I just knew he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to get inside.
That's one happy boy.

Just wanted to mention that the instructions do not recommend children getting inside the box. After he sat there for a few minutes, I took Eddie out of the box and asked him to help me to put the toys inside.

Now all I need is to find a perfect storage box for the big boy, aka my husband, who leaves his socks on the floor in the bathroom.

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