Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Abel & Cole (box IV)

Another exciting box from Abel & Cole arrived yesterday. Eddie and I opened it with trepidation, what are the mysterious contents (well, I knew in advance what to expect, but Eddie was very curious to find out)?!
Ella's Kitchen recently launched a veggie song download on their site. Their aim is to make children more interested in vegetables and fruit. While I applaud their efforts, I do think that the main teaching tool is actually cooking with children and handling all the veg and fruit, let them be tactile and explore the textures, tastes and flavours.

Eddie and I have been growing tomatoes in the greenhouse all the summer, and used to go on a daily basis to pick up a tomato or two and would eat it right there, in the greenhouse, with the sweet juice dribbling on our chins. Bliss! We also picked lovely little Alpine strawberries and big crispy apples.
Now with the winter quickly approaching, we will definitely miss our daily trips to the garden.

If you are curious to find out what the odd dish above is, have a look at my Russian salad recipe here.

Shiitake mushrooms and a red pepper made their entry in the chicken and noodles stir fry.

I'll be adding photos and recipes during the week.

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