Saturday, 1 October 2011

Fourteen months old

What a wonderful age, every day is bringing something new and exciting.
Just the other day I was reading a developmental milestones' report for
a fourteen-months-old toddler. His repertoire is ever increasing and he will be able to say roughly two to three words. So far our repertoire is Mama, Papa, Baba (grandma), bea (a teddy bear), baby (he says it in a very cute way), apa (for apple) and peh (a bird and all other small creatures). He also calls himself Eda.
"He may not say them correctly yet, perhaps missing off the ends or beginnings but he will repeat them over and over again. If he learns ‘dog’ for instance he will call any animal he sees ‘dog’ as he associates the word dog with animals." This is absolutely spot on, as Eddie calls all birds, dogs, deer on TV etc "peh". I was giving him a bath a few days ago and he kept pointing under the sink and saying "peh, peh", I could not understand what he was pointing to, worried in case there was a mouse, but of course, he saw the Andrex toilet rolls pack with the image of their adorable puppy.
"Da-da may be used when he sees any man in the street and can have hilarious or embarrassing
consequences!" This could have been written about Eddie, as he calls both his father and brother Papa, and I jokingly refer to them now as to Papa big and small. The postie was elevated to the title of Papa, and the courier, and a friend who came to put the locks on the cupboard door. My reputation is in tatters. :)
Here Eddie is watching the ducks on the river.

Eddie loves musical toys, the noisier, the better. Which unfortunatley annoys Sasha big time.
I was reading online that it has been reported that most babies have busier social lifes than the average person - baby yoga, baby signing, baby gym, baby massage, baby singing. Though not true in our case, we do not do any of the above, as I am avoiding any Mummy groups so far. I probably will have to force myself to go to some events when Eddie is a bit older, but from what I remember from Sasha's toddlerhood, it was always a big effort for me. Usually I had nothing in common with the women present there, and found myself counting minutes until I could escape.
Sasha's school is different though. Here I can meet mothers who know exactly what it is to live with a child who has a disability, who are not judgemental and who are not going to give you unsolicited advice. Yesterday the school was running a Macmillan coffee morning, and Eddie and I came along to support the event. Eddie was in his element, he tried some Welsh cakes and loved them. Played a tombola and was deliriously happy, when he was presented with a teddy bear. One person's junk, as they say, is another person's treasure. He kept cuddling that little teddy and grinning. Oh simple pleasures of life! On the way home, exhausted from all the commotion, noise and buzz of school, he fell asleep in his buggy.

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