Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mum's strawberry jam

Mum's strawberry jam, or should I say The strawberry jam, because that is how it should be done. Duchy originals and TipTree, eat your heart out.
I could never understand why it is so difficult to find a decent strawberry jam in any supermarkets, they all sell some red slushy-looking bio-mass where all the berries are smashed into an indecipherable blob. That's not a starwberry jam, that's a spread. The proper jam should have berries that still resemble berries, each one is preserved in its glory. And of course, the best jam is made of wild strawberries. Each year, when my Mum plans to come and visit me, she cooks her jam and takes several jars with her on a long trip from Russia, carefully packing them in bubble wrap and tissues. The aroma, when you open the lid, is exquisite, and the taste is totally heavenly.
This jam works perfectly with clotted cream on scones. In fact, I would say that clotted cream from Cornwall and the Russian wild strawberry jam is a marriage made in heaven. Mmmmmm

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