Friday, 1 July 2011

My photoshoot for Aldi

A few weeks ago Bella magazine was running a competition to create a recipe for Aldi supermarket, using one of their beef products. As I enjoy cooking, I thought a simple dish of Italian style meatballs with pasta could work well. Nothing fancy, something that even people who don't cook "foreign" food would like to try, saying "I can do this". I cooked the meatballs with pappardelle pasta, took a photo and sent to Bella. The photo below is the dish I cooked for our dinner and to enter the comp.

I was surprised when Avril from Bella called to tell me my recipe was chosen as a winner and would I agree to have a photoshoot in my kitchen. I started panicking, what have I gotten myself into. Now, people who've been to my house know that our kitchen is rather dated.
On a set date a food stylist arrived. She is a lovely chatty lady, who immediately put me at ease, as I was rather worried on how it was going to be. She brought all her cooking utensils and food for the photoshoot with her. An hour later a local photographer appeared and started taking photos of me rolling the meatballs, pouring the pasta sauce etc etc We later moved to the garden, where I was posing sitting with a glass of wine and a plate of pasta in front of me. I actually found it utterly hilarious. As if that's how I have my usual lunch. That's how myths and legends are created.
Eddie was as good as gold. It started to drizzle, and we ended the photoshoot with the rain falling on the pasta dish.

I haven't yet seen the brochure with photos, hope there are some better ones of me. I must say, I am a tad disappointed with the one that was chosen for the supermarket website. I think there must have been a better one from many taken.

You can find the recipe here

The photo at the top is meatballs with spaghetti (prepapred by someone at Aldi, not during the photoshoot at my house). My original recipe was for pappardelle, but spaghetti would be fine as well. You could see the dish that was cooked at home in the photo of the two of us in the garden.


  1. What a star!!

    Yes, didn't you know everyone sits around sipping wine in a beautiful English garden, with a toddler who is like an angel, winning competitions with a blink of an eye lol.

    WELL DONE YOU!!!!!

    I wonder why they made theirs with spaghetti?