Monday, 7 February 2011

If you have a baby barracuda... get a Nuby teether

Eddie has been teething big time last week, and has sprouted two teeth in a matter of four days. Which means, my baby barracuda was moody, capricous and cranky, bless his little cotton socks. He is constantly chewing and biting whatever happens to be next to him: clothes, a pack of baby wipes, Mummy's hands.
I am terribly cute,
From my toes to my dimples,
But when I am teething,
Life is not Simples.
To any sore-gummed
Baby crocodile,
I say: get a Nuby
And bite in style.

I have bought a selection of Nuby teethers for Eddie, as I wasn't sure which ones he would fancy the most.
He is very fond of Nuby Bug Beads Necklace, it is very colourful, bright, has beads of different sizes and textures, and is very tactile. I guess if you have sore gums, it is a pure pleasure to chomp on those beads to relieve the itch.
Softees Silicon Teether is another favourite. It is a perfect size for a little mouth, not too big and not too small. It is BPA-free and is very easy to clean.
Softees Super Soft Rattle Teether (Pictured on the photo with Eddie holding it) is another genius idea. It also has different textures on offer, BPA free, plus has a tiny cute rattle inside, so has an element of entertainment.
All these teethers are easy to hold and definitely work.
So, if you have a baby barracuda or baby crocodile in the house, Nuby is the answer. Your baby will thank you.

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  1. That's a good review hun and your lil man is soo cute. My first time to your blog & I am now following. Mine is